Firewater Ta Fame's Offspring - Accomplishments | Stats

JS Milo and Stitch

Janet Staton and JS Milo & Stitch, $27,410 in ytd earnings

Landrie Parker


BFA 2016

Jet N Ta Fame



Leo SAN Ta Fame


Stitches Streaknfame - Moses

Andrea Cline on Stitchs Streaknfame.
Earnings over $150,000 Futurity, Derby, 1D & Pro Rodeo.

KN Pen

Jamie Hodges on KN Panellapie
Earnings over $17,755 in Futurity and 1D.  
Winner of the LG Futurity Consolation Race.


Fames JetN Firewater

Cheyenne Rainey on Fames Jetn Firewater.
Earnings over $19,000.00 in Futurity, Derby & 1D 


KN My Mamas Famous 2

Kay Blandford on KN My Mamas Famous 2.

Earnings over $93,000.00

2015 Fort Smith Derby Winner. 2015 American Qualifier. 

Flitten to Fame

JR Sullivan on Flitten To Fame

Earnings over $50,000 in Futurity, Derby & 1D


Stitchs Smoke N Flame

Lindsey Trammell on Stitchs Smoke N Fame.

Earnings over $15,000 in 1D, Slot Race Winner & 2014 American Qualifier.


Famous American Rose

Julianne Richins on Famous American Rose.

Earnings over $8,000 in Futurity & 1D.



Stitchs Honor N Fame

Earnings over $7,000.00 Futurity, 1D, Pro Rodeo money earner.


Supernatural Fame

Earnings over $4,500 Futurity & rodeo.


Wonders Fame Belle

Earnings over $15,000. Futurity & 1D money earner.

**Money earned updated on 9-6-2016**